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employee communications

Employee Communications

Your employees want to know that you care about them. That their job is meaningful.

ASC develops messages to help your employees understand what you do -- your vision, mission and goals -- so they can understand how their department and/or their position contributes to the growth and success of your company.

Attract great hires

ASC develops messages that attract the right employees to your organization. Using a mix of services including a range of print and online materials, survey research and recruitment advertising, we'll give you the tools you need to recruit a first-rate staff.

Orient new staff

Your first days, weeks and months on a job can be overwhelming. How do I work the phone? What are the security procedures for accessing documents? How do I file expense reports -- what expenses are allowed? Where's the bathroom?

ASC works with your staff to develop orientation materials and programs which help your new employees feel welcome, comfortable and at-home on the job.

Connect with current staff

To build loyalty, your employees need to know you trust them and value their work. ASC will help you reach out to your employees to:

  • Keep them in-the-know on important organizational news
  • Communicate your vision, mission and goals in ways that will help them articulate it to external audiences
  • Explain policies and procedures
    in an easy-to-understand format
  • Help them understand employee benefits through upbeat, user-friendly materials
  • Motivate them so they want
    to do their very best

Manage change more effectively

Whether you're in the middle of a merger, layoff or leadership change, ASC can help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

In the midst of chaos, ASC provides an objective, fresh perspective. We'll work with you to develop messages that keep them informed, confident and productive-even in turbulent times.

Use tools that inform, educate and motivate your employees

ASC develops customized messages and user-friendly materials which appeal to your employees' self-interest:

  • Intranet content
  • Hiring, orientation and training materials
  • Policies and procedures manuals
  • Benefit and pension plan descriptions
  • Internal brochures, leaflets and flyers
  • Employee newsletters
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Direct mail/direct marketing packages

Let ASC help you find and keep the
very best talent through a customized employee communications program.